Set up your HP printer and get superlative Print results. Complete the setup and download the compatible software and driver.
DeskJet printer

It can be used for both personal and commercial spaces; they perform print, scan and copy functions.

123 hp com setup

Apart from this, they are devices that can be connected wirelessly for the sake of convenience.

123 hp dj 3630 setup
Setup Techniques

Therefore it is essential for every user to have knowledge about their different setup techniques. setup wired & wirless Setup

The wired connection necessitates appropriate connections between several devices for setup. Hence, a user may find that the setting up process will be unsuccessful if the wired connections are inappropriate. However, it is always easier to troubleshoot a wired connection in comparison to other fitting methods.


Equip yourself with a computer, a router with Ethernet ports, Ethernet and other cables before you begin. Besides, connect your printer and your personal computer to the same router (wired connection) using the LAN cable. Choose the START button and then use the SEARCH textbox to type in the name of your printer on the computer.


Right click on the printer’s name and then select PRINTER SETUP AND SOFTWARE option and then CONNECT A NEW PRINTER selection must be chosen. Make sure you download and then install the most relevant software and drivers for your HP DJ3630 printer. For tech savvy users, we have a set of steps that help you connect your HP DJ3630 device to a wireless network.


Wireless Installation

A wireless arrangement is one in which you will be linking your HP DJ3630 printer to your personal computer without the help of wires setup.

  • Preceding the setting up process, get particulars regarding the network and the respective devices
  • Don’t forget to turn ON the PC, printing device and also the network router (wireless)
  • Most importantly you need a good internet connection for this type of a setup
  • The PC and the HP DeskJet printer should essentially be connected to the same wireless network
  • Moreover, no USB devices or LAN cable connections should be made with the printer
  • Ensure you enable the wireless settings on your printer; from the control panel
  • The installation icon will lead to the WIRELESS SETTINGS menu
  • Select this and then choose the WIRELESS SETUP WIZARD option
  • Now choose your wireless home network’s (LAN) name if it is displayed
  • Otherwise, enter a new name for your network using the ENTER NEW NETWORK NAME menu

The printer will now be available to all wireless devices that are linked to the same network (router/switch).

Troubleshooting your HP DJ3630 printer

Paper Feed

Paper feed issues are common problems that can occur with home and commercial DeskJet printers.


An improper feed, hardware or maintenance issues are the major contributors to this problem.


So what should you basically do when you encounter such an issue on your printer? 3630

Check the input tray first

  • Discover where the problem (paper jam) is
  • Eliminate the blocked paper from the printing device using your hands
  • Make use of the corresponding button to recover the printer and carry on the print job
  • If the concern perseveres, there could be other paper parts trapped inside the device
  • Use a torch to recognize other foreign materials inside the printer
  • Ensure you remove any such material from the paper feed path
  • Replenish the input tray again with replacement paper
  • Before you begin printing once again, ensure that the input tray (shield) is intact
  • To continue the print job, press the RESUME button

In case the mistake still occurs, cross verify for foreign materials inside your printing device in other parts

Check the cartridge chamber next

  • Turn on the HP DJ3630 printing device first
  • Then, open the CARTRIDGE ACCESS DOOR found on the printer (front side in this model)
  • The cartridges will move to the center of the panel after completing the auto-calibration process
  • Wait and then remove the black and the colored cartridges from their respective positions
  • Now make sure that there are no paper or other foreign materials present in this part of the printer
  • Remove any foreign particles or paper remains from this area of the printer
  • Reinstall the black and color cartridges into their respective spaces
  • And then try printing again with a test page after closing the cartridge access door

This will solve most problems associated with a paper jam and the techniques can be used for other HP printers too. If you are unable to configure your printer back to normalcy, give us a call at our toll-free number.
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